MonkSak Lite v2 - colors and MORE!

March 21, 2016

After much anticipation we are proud to present the newly updated MonkSak Lite v2!

Faster: reduced strap count cuts load-in/out by 40%!  

Lighter: updated hardware means 50% lighter!

Bolder: three striking new colors including Black, Crimson, & Purple!

All this, starting at $139.99!

The MonkSak Original gained three stock customization options allowing you to mix-and-match up to three colors for your bag. Check out all the new MonkSak additions and upgrades!

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New Pin Feat. Stasia Burrington!
New Pin Feat. Stasia Burrington!

May 12, 2017

A rendition of Stasia Burrington's beloved Rope Date illustration, made special for The Twisted Monk. 

Each pin is sequentially numbered on the back in this limited run of 100 pins.

Available now! Ships free in the USA, low-cost internationally via First Class Mail.

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Color Of The Month: Emerald City
Color Of The Month: Emerald City

May 03, 2017

Emerald City comes out of a week-long triple dye process with shades of peridot, modavite, and of course- emerald. Touches of citrine and jade create highlights and lowlights to this multi-faceted color combination. Available now in 6mm hemp.

Just like these gems, Emerald City is a rare find that won't last long!

10% of proceeds from Emerald City will go to Seattle's Urban Rest Stop.

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Color Of The Month: Raindrop
Color Of The Month: Raindrop

April 05, 2017

With the spring rains comes this month's Color Of The Month- Raindrop. An aqueous ombre of watery blues, Raindrop flows with aquamarine, cerulean, and sapphire. Available now in our world-famous 6mm hemp.

Much like the weather in Seattle, wait but a moment and this Raindrop will be gone.

10% of proceeds from Raindrop will go to The Electronic Frontier Foundation.

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