A Changing of the Guard

September 29, 2019

A major announcement!

Hard to believe that it has been 8 years since Tinker and Soldier, our beloved shop cats, first arrived at our door. Skinny, shy and in need of a home, we were told, "remember, these are feral cats, they will never become companion animals".  Of course, if you follow us on social media, they have grown up into the fearsome protectors of our shop, loving companions and part of the fabric that makes working at Twisted Monk so special.

According to our vet, 8 cat years is about 32 human equivalent years! So how do you reward such special creatures after such a long and illustrious career of loving, loyal service? Why with a grand retirement, of course!

We are proud to announce that Tinker and Soldier have left the shop and moved home with company founder, Monk, and his wife. This happened over the summer but we kept it under wraps in order to make sure their transition was a success and we are delighted to say that yes, the LOVE retirement!

On the prowl, in the uncharted wilds known as "back yard"

Soldier, our stoic brute who always kept a close eye on the shop's comings and goings has found his second childhood. Chasing toys and lounging in the garden, yet ever vigilant, he still makes his rounds, making sure no ruffians come into his yard.

In his element, Soldier is ever watchful

Tinker, the always affectionate, yet skittish, troublemaker has finally discovered the wonders of "lap" and now has settled into a regular routine of curling up in any available lap and sleeping contently for hours.

Tinker and Monk, just a couple of hams

Fear not, you can still get your Templar fix! We will continue to post pictures of the boys enjoying their retirement on our social media feeds.

"But what about the shop? Who will take up the duty of guarding it and posing for cute shop cat pictures?"

Fear not! Once again we have teamed up with the fantastic folks at the Seattle's Alley Cat Project to find two new protectors to continue this most important work.

Coming soon, Tailor and Spy!

Meet Tailor and Spy, brothers from a feral colony that, in the words of their foster home, are "a pair of trouble makers, that need room to hunt". 

Stay tuned follow the adventures of these once shy strays go from the mean streets to the life of a working cat in a string factory!

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