A quick note about domestic shipping addresses

August 03, 2018

In a move to help protect your privacy and reduce identity theft, the United States Postal Service (USPS) has recently increased their stringency with regard to addressee names. The USPS requires that the name listed as the recipient on a parcel match their records for occupancy in order to complete delivery. Parcels whose recipient name does not match may be (and recently have been) labeled as "undeliverable" and returned to sender. Note that these changes only apply to addresses within the USA and territories.

We understand that not everyone uses the name the USPS has on file, so ensure your parcel safely reaches you the USPS recommends the following:

  • Update your record with USPS. This can be done using a Change Of Address form, or by visiting your local postal branch.
  • Include a list of recipient names inside your mailbox. Include any nicknames or professional names under which you may be receiving mail.
  • Utilize the "attn" or "c/o" fields. When receiving mail at locations other than your own address, be sure to include the resident's name as well as your own.

If you have an existing order and would like to amend your shipping information, please contact us and we're happy to update this information for you. We want to make sure your orders arrive as quickly and easily as possible. We appreciate your understanding with these adjustments.

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Color Of The Month: Sea Glass
Color Of The Month: Sea Glass

August 02, 2018

August is here and it's the perfect time to go strolling the beaches of the Puget Sound looking for interesting pieces of shell, driftwood, and if you're lucky- sea glass!

With an ombre of soft aquamarine and amethyst, with the occasional hint of sand, Sea Glass is a nostalgic homage to these wave-worn pleasures from the sea.

Much like any good beach-combing prize, our Sea Glass is a rare prize. Available in our world-renowned 6mm hemp while supplies last.

10% of proceeds from Sea Glass will be donated to Force Blue. Force Blue is a 501(c)(3) organization providing mission therapy for former combat divers by retraining, retooling, and deploying them on missions of ocean conservation, preservation, and restoration. Uniting the community of combat veterans with the world of marine science and conservation with the power to restore lives and the planet.

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September 2018 Rope Dojo Ordering Dates
September 2018 Rope Dojo Ordering Dates

July 31, 2018

Attending Midori’s Rope Dojo in Baltimore on September 15-16th? The following are our cutoff dates for ordering rope to arrive in time.

[Click here for cutoff date information]

Not sure what rope you need for the weekend? We’ve made it easy with our Midori Essentials and Midori Plus kits! Don’t forget to use your Rope Dojo Student discount code to receive special pricing.

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Color Of The Month: Bonfire
Color Of The Month: Bonfire

July 12, 2018

Summer is in full swing- the season of backyard BBQ, picnics, and beach bonfires. And so comes July's color of the month- Bonfire!

Bonfire combines vibrant tones of honey-gold, amber, and orange in a flame-toned ombre. Our summer Bonfire won't burn forever!

Available in our world-renowned 6mm hemp rope while supplies last.

10% of proceeds from will be donated to Northwest Immigrant Rights Project. NWIRP is a 501(c)(3) organization which strives for justice and equity for all persons, regardless of where they were born, through direct legal services, systemic advocacy, and community education.

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