Two Knotty Boys Showing You The Ropes

When Two Knotty Boys, J.D. and Dan, began teaching rope bondage together in 1999, they discovered that most people learn best when they're shown close up, step by step, and repeatedly how to tie basic knots and combine them into bondage techniques. It is this learning process that they duplicate in this book.

Two Knotty Boys guides you through the process of combining simple knots and basic ties to create decorative yet functional bondage. With the help of world-renowned photographer Larry Utley, over 750 photos and captions, readers can learn at their own pace, review whole techniques at a single glance, or even lay it flat on the table and follow along as they tie. 

Two Knotty Boys Showing You the Ropes shows you how to tie beautifully and safely, all while having fun. A particularly great choice for those looking to use rope both as a restraint technique and as fetish wear or fashionable decoration, such as:

  • Decorative Knots
  • Rope Lingerie
  • Dragonfly Arm/Leg Binders
  • Rope Gag Variations

... plus all the basics, and much more!

Rope & accessories not included.

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