MonkSak Accessory Pouches

The MonkSak's modular accessory pouch design allows you to customize your rope bag to your specific needs. Attaching easily to the internal Velcro borders of the MonkSak Original or MonkSak Lite, swapping out your gear has never been easier. Constructed using durable 10oz* cotton duck and black contrast triple-stitching.

Available in four options or as a set:

  • Small Gusseted Pouch (set of two): 4x9x1" - perfect for bottles, eyeglasses cases, etc.
  • Large Gusseted Pouch: 8x14x3" - plenty of space for a Magic Wand & attachments
  • Large Two-Pocket Pouch: 8x14" (pockets are 4.5" & 8.5") - ideal for singletails, hooks, collars, etc.
  • Flat Multi-Pocket Pouch: 4x18" (pockets are 3", 4", 3" & 7") - ideal for safer sex supplies, clothespins, etc.
  • Full Set (five pouches): Pair of small gusseted pouches plus one each large gusseted, large two-pocket, and flat multi-pocket pouches.

 *Slate Grey, matching the MonkSak Original and MonkSak Lite v1, made from 12oz cotton duck and are built to order even when listed as available

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