Midori Plus Kit

Lucky enough to be attending a Midori Rope Dojo or just looking to set yourself up with the rope she recommends for all her students? Developed in conjunction with world-renowned educator Midori, these kits provide enough rope to perform the ties taught in the Dojo while not breaking the bank. 

If you're looking for a bit more flexibility in your ties, or are tying a larger, taller, or more broad partner, The Midori Plus Kit offers the extra length you'll want.

We recommend both of these kits in the 6mm rope width, however some do prefer the more robust 8mm. Not sure what width is right for you? Check out our helpful Rope Width and Length Video.

The Midori Plus Kit includes:

    • (4) 15ft lengths of 6mm
    • (4) 40ft lengths of 6mm
    • (1) 15ft length of 4mm rope
    • FREE pair of EMT safety shears
    Want to split your kit into two colors? You can upgrade it! Need left-handed shears in your kit? You can upgrade those too.

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