TwistedMonk's Exotic Products

As part of our tireless drive to provide our customers with the finest hemp bondage rope possible, we are constantly looking for new and exotic types of hemp from all over the world. From large multi-national agro businesses, to tiny village co-ops, we sample a lot of rope and most of the rope we see is just not up to our high standards. However, from time to time we do come across some truly terrific small batches of hemp rope. These limited harvests come from all over the world, and much like fine wines, are all unique and different. Each raw batch is taken through our extensive finishing process, the ends whipped with our signature "bomb proof" whipping, and is ready for use.

We will be constantly updating this page as we continue to acquire and test new harvests.

**UPDATE** Dear friend, fellow rope creator and small business owner Madam Butterfly suffered a massive stroke recently and needs YOUR help. Like most of artisan kink vendors, she is with out long term health care coverage and the rising costs of care must be laid on the shoulders of her family. While we here at work out our own fund raising plans, you can go help right now. Please, donate to her recovery fund here.



  Announcing NU-Jute, Hand Spun by Monk himself

For years we have struggled to find the perfect jute rope to offer our customers. As you know, Monk will not sell any rope he would not use in his own bedroom and "traditional" jute does not meet his high standards of quality and environmental responsibility. Often treated with kerosene and other harsh chemicals, traditional just smells and feels like something you would buy at your local hardware store, not a prized addition to your toy bag.

Unable to source jute that we liked, we decided to create our own line!

"NU-Jute" is just that, a new spin on a traditional fiber. Starting with the finest source fibers, the rope is spun in house at our production facility in Seattle. Hand made by the person you have come to trust when it comes to your rope, Monk himself. Conditioned with the same love and care as our world famous hemp, NU-Jute will be a prized addition to any rope lover’s toy bag. Be sure to check out our Nu-Jute™ FAQ page for commonly asked questions.

At this time we are only offering NU-Jute in red, black, and natural shades. 30ft lengths only.


NU-Jute™ 30ft color end finish : $30



  Electro-Jute, a shocking twist on an old favorite

Take your electro play to a whole new level with this shocking twist in rope. We add a number of electro conductive fibers to our already amazing NU Jute to create a rope that conducts electricity! Give your lover an extra jolt of fun!

* Only available in red/black/natural.
* Electro conductive fiber is washable and only comes in a light tan/copper shade.
* 30ft lengths only.

Electro-Jute 30ft color end finish : $35



  Sparkle-Jute, Why? Why the hell not?

“Pretty colors are just not enough here at Twisted Monk, we wanted rope that would sparkle too! Instead of "painting" the rope with glitter or other reflective material that will eventually wear off (and onto your partner) we have put the sparkle INSIDE the rope itself. Only available in red/black/natural with your choice of silver OR gold sparkle. See close up for detail (link to close up shot)

Sparkle-Jute 30ft color
with sparkle color and end finish : $35



  TwistedMonk's Home Spun Silk and Bamboo Rope

As you may already know our silk spinner, Madame Butterfly,recently suffered a massive stroke and is currently unable to make rope. Our prayers and thoughts are with her and we wish her a speedy recovery. Until then, we are offering this hand spun silk rope. Using the same raw materials and commitment to quality as always, this rope will be a welcome addition to your toy bag.

Please Note: We will be donating a portion of the sale of this rope to M. Butterfly's recovery and rehabilitation fund.

Only available in Natural (off white) and 6MM width.

7.5ft 6MM TwistedMonk Home Spun Organic Silk Rope: $15.00
10FT 6MM TwistedMonk Home Spun Organic Silk Rope: $20.00
15ft 6MM TwistedMonk Home Spun Organic Silk Rope: $30.00
20FT 6MM TwistedMonk Home Spun Organic Silk Rope: $40.00
30ft 6MM TwistedMonk Home Spun Organic Silk Rope: $60.00

7.5ft 6MM TwistedMonk Home Spun Bamboo Rope: $15.00
10FT 6MM TwistedMonk Home Spun Bamboo Rope: $20.00
15ft 6MM TwistedMonk Home Spun Bamboo Rope: $30.00
20FT 6MM TwistedMonk Home Spun Bamboo Rope: $40.00
30ft 6MM TwistedMonk Home Spun Bamboo Rope: $60.00



  German "Bavarian Blonde" 4-Strand

We are beside ourselves with delight to offer you this ultra premium rope. Made in Germany, this is the first and only hemp rope we have found that is made of 4 strands (most twisted hemp consists of just 3).

Each strand is a tightly woven golden blonde color and incredibly soft to the touch. The rope feels almost silky in your hands and smells faintly of fresh cut straw on a summer’s day. This, this is some amazing rope. The weave is the tightest; most consistent we have ever seen.

After going through our extensive conditioning process the rope feels butter soft and great against skin, we had to all but pry it off of our test subjects and its smooth feel offers little rope on rope friction while still retaining the great knot holding properties of hemp.

This rope is available in its natural honey brown color and could be dyed custom upon special request.

TwistedMonk.Com is proud to be the only source on the western hemisphere to offer this ultra premium finished hemp rope.

Not sure what exotic is right for you? Why not pick up an exotics sample kit and see them up close?

10ft 6MM TwistedMonk Exotic "Bavarian Blonde": $21.99
15ft 6MM TwistedMonk Exotic "Bavarian Blonde": $32.99
30ft 6MM TwistedMonk Exotic "Bavarian Blonde": $65.99
50ft 6MM TwistedMonk Exotic "Bavarian Blonde": $109.99

Custom lengths available upon request.



  "OMG this is Hemp!?" 4-strand White Hemp 6MM

This one is for all the "Bettie Page" style bondage enthusiasts who have heard all the rave stories about hemp rope but love that iconic look of white rope.

Hand spun in the US. This ultra white hemp rope is like nothing we have seen before. The tactile benefits of hemp with the luxurious softness of bamboo all twisted into this unique 4 strand rope.

Like every piece of rope offered by Twisted Monk, the ends are finished in our "bomb proof" end whipping. We are committed to providing the highest quality product at the best price. SOLD OUT!

  Can't decide if hemp is for you? Want to feel and see a sample
for yourself? We'll be happy to send you a fully conditioned 6 inch sample.
  Want to match your color of your toys? ...or color of your favorite outfit? ...or your partner's eyes? We offer custom colors and custom lengths! Contact the Monk for more information!   Order with privacy and confidence. Please see our FAQ page for our privacy and confidentiality policy.