Custom Rope

Despite our broad eight-color standard catalog, we simply aren't able to make every color or combination available all the time-- even with our Color Of The Month ropes and customization upgrades.

So what to do when you want rope to match your favorite outfit, a theme, or to delight someone special? Custom Rope!


Single Dyelots -- Custom rope done in one solid color. These are typically the easiest and the fastest custom work available. 

Variegated Dyelots -- Custom rope done in two or more colors to create an ombre or variegated appearance. They are more labor intensive and take multiple processes to create their one-of-a-kind appearance.

Custom Dyelots start at $2/ft, depending on base rope and color concept, and are available only in 180ft increments (must be all one diameter) but can be cut to any desired lengths.

When considering custom dyelots, keep in mind that the base "dirty-blonde" tone of hemp will effect the end product. Pastels and extremely bright tones may not be achievable.

We regret that due to the nature of custom color production we cannot provide samples of custom dyed ropes ahead of time. We do maintain an archive of past Color Of The Month and other limited edition ropes, if you need a little inspiration.


Knotted Ends -- We do not endorse the use of knotted ends on your ropes. While they may be considered more traditional by some, they pose a serious safety risk. You can read about Monk's personal account of the hazard knotted ends present. The Twisted Monk is dedicated to safety above all, and as such only offer wall-knots upon special request and acknowledgement of the dangers of this type of end finishing. 

Whipping Colors -- We finish all of our ropes (with the exception of Value Line kits) with our trademarked "bomb-proof" whipping in classic black. Seven additional color options are available as an upgrade.

Bi-Color Whipping -- Combine any of our seven whipping colors with classic black, hand-whipped by Monk himself.

Center Marking -- Done with the same bomb-proof whipping technique that we use on the ends of your ropes, available as an upgrade in all eight whipping colors.


If you are interested in ordering custom-dyed rope, rope lengths you don't see on our site, or special finishes, please contact us below or email us directly at