Chaotic Good - Limited Edition Hemp

To celebrate a soul taken from us too soon, we bring you Chaotic Good. 100% of the proceeds from this energetic, vivacious pink and passionate orange rope will be donated to NWAAF and ECPR- in honor of our friend Sibyl 

Our darling Sybil burned bright with love. She came into the Abbey every morning with new, sweet tales about her cats and hilarious play by plays of her D&D shenanigans. She sparked joy with her optimism and humor. She walked with power and pride. She thrived in our chaos as a comforting constant. She was a keeper of colonies; a warrior with scabs, scars, and blood; and an advocate for female bodied beings. She would use her privilege to defend any in need. She was a natural, nurturing caregiver who harnessed her chaos and spiraled towards balance. She is loved. She is missed. She will not be forgotten. Do good with reckless abandon in her honor.

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