Sea Glass

August is here and it's the perfect time to go strolling the beaches of the Puget Sound looking for interesting pieces of shell, driftwood, and if you're lucky- sea glass!

It's here we find inspiration, and the namesake, for August's Color Of The Month. With an ombre of soft aquamarine and amethyst, with the occasional hint of sand, Sea Glass is a nostalgic homage to these wave-worn pleasures from the sea.

Much like any good beach-combing prize, our Sea Glass is a rare prize. Available in our world-renowned 6mm hemp while supplies last.

10% of proceeds from Sea Glass will be donated to Force Blue. Force Blue is a 501(c)(3) organization providing mission therapy for former combat divers by retraining, retooling, and deploying them on missions of ocean conservation, preservation, and restoration. Uniting the community of combat veterans with the world of marine science and conservation with the power to restore lives and the planet.

Sold by the foot. Color Of The Month ropes are not available at the discounted kit prices or as split-color upgrades.

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