June's color of the month is a kinky classic in the making. Evocative of the timeless look of candle wax and blindfolds, spanked cheeks and bullwhips, lipstick and leather.

Featuring a warmer "designer" red than our standard Crimson, Stiletto's scarlet yields to a strict black in a sultry blend. 

Much like rope-marks and love bites, Stiletto won't be here forever! Available in our world-renowned 6mm hemp rope while supplies last. 

10% of proceeds from Stiletto will be donated to the Sex Workers Outreach Project: Behind Bars. SBB is a 501(c)(3) organization providing interdisciplinary community support to incarcerated sex workers, and resources for  those recently-released, facilitating successful re-entry into their communities. 

Sold by the foot. Color Of The Month ropes are not available at the discounted kit prices or as split-color upgrades. 

As Color Of The Month ropes are sold by the foot, they will appear as total volume on your order confirmation, don't worry- we see the cutting preferences you specified when ordering on our end. 

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