POSH Spun Polyester

Standing for "Portside Out, Starboard Home", these spun polyester ropes are designed to blend visually into your hemp rope kits while providing the durability of a synthetic.

The extremely dense fine polyester fibers are spun under tension resulting in extremely low elongation, so these ropes will maintain their original length even through heavy use. Originally designed for Tall Ship Sailing, POSH® carries a manufacturer load rating of 554kg linear and 5.44kN

Each 30ft length of 6mm POSH® is hand-finished with our trademark bomb-proof whipping, done in an exclusive bright orange (rather than our traditional black) to better differentiate these ropes in your kit. Available in "natural" beige, black and red, these ropes cannot be dyed.

Due to the high fiber density, POSH® can have a stiff hand at first. A quick wash/no-heat dry cycle will loosen it up rather nicely. Unlike other "synthetic hemp" ropes, POSH stays smooth and does not become fuzzy the way polypropylene ropes (such as HempEx®) can.

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