Curiosity Candle (Legacy)

Curious about wax play? Made from low melt-point unscented 100% Paraffin wax and cosmetic grade skin-safe pigments, our Curiosity Candles are a great way to start! 

Hand-poured into refillable 3oz porcelain containers with a convenient pour spout, each candle provides enough wax for several light uses or a couple heavier scenes. Drip from a distance for artistic splatters, or nearer the body for stronger sensation.

Refills sold separately.

CAUTION: Hot wax can be the cause of an extreme burn if applied improperly. Due to the nature of hot wax, always test each candle on the back of your hand or forearm before using it on your partner. When pouring quantities of pooled wax, allow wax to cool prior to application.

Note: During cold conditions, some "frosting" may occur on the surface of the wax. Likewise in hot conditions, surface air bubbles may appear. These visual changes will not effect the performance or in-use color of the candle. UV-Reactive colors may appear less pigmented under normal light as these colors are designed to be blacklight responsive.