Electro-conductive Rope

We hand-spin our electro-conductive ropes with a copper-free mylar-free conductive fiber, designed for wearable tech, letting you add a little spark to your ties. Our electro-conductive rope works well with Violet Wands and estim control boxes (see our FAQ for instructions).

Available in two fiber varieties:

  • Bamboo- Our silky soft handspun bamboo is the fancy lingerie of rope. Bamboo is famous for its natural anti-bacterial properties, making it perfect for crotch ropes and cbt.
  • Organic Raw Silk- Our organic, handspun, complexly textured raw silk is light and elegant yet strong. It holds knots well, is quite soft, and is known for its longevity.

Approximately 6mm in width. Not suitable for rope suspensions. 10ft lengths sold only in pairs (two ropes).

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