Getting Started DVDs, Volumes 1-3

Our "Getting Started" DVDs are a collection of instructional how-to videos to get you started playing with your Twisted Monk rope. These discs cover the basic ties and variations which are the fundamentals to creating safe and fun rope bondage.

Disc 1 comprises our original video series, first launched in 2007. Disc 2 features 13 brand new videos for 2017. 

Rope not included.

Disc 1 includes:

  • Two Column Tie
  • Single Limb Cuff
  • Basic Chest Harness
  • Rope Handling Techniques
  • Rope Width & Length
  • Basic Hair Tie
  • One Column Tie
  • Basic Hog Tie
  • Chest & Leg Tie
  • Body Harness
  • Basic Head Bondage
  • Rope Corset
  • High Speed Chest Harness
  • DeLano's Frog Tie & Hog Tie
  • Midori's "Lightning Harness"
  • Midori's "Pocket Sling" Tie
  • DeLano's Spreader Bar

Disc 2 includes:

  • Selecting The Right Hemp Rope For Your Partner
  • Adding & Extending Your Rope
  • Having Fun Untying Your Partner
  • Chest Harness & Box Tie Adaptations
  • Hogtie Adaptations
  • Chest & Leg Tie Adaptations
  • Bulldog ("Leatherman") Harness
  • Full Body Harnesses For The Masculine Physique
  • Creating A Strap-On Harness
  • Dragonfly Armbinder/Legbinder
  • Star ("Pentagram") Harness
  • Midori's "Alien Baby" Body Harness
  • Midori's "Messenger Bag" Move

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