Light and Shadow Box Set

7 available

We are excited to present a rare box set for that special someone or that special collection! 

This beautiful box set comes with a 12" x 9", deluxe, hardbound, first edition, signed copy of Light/Shadow/Color by The Dark Arts. You'll find a vast assortment  of erotic photography, from both professional models and everyday people, within the 340 pages of this gorgeous fine art bondage coffee table book.

 Included in this set is our limited edition Relaxed Hemp rope which features a longer more loose-lay spin, comparable to hand-laid rope. These finely milled fibers create a smoother finish than typical hemp.

Stamped with our iconic wax seal,  wrapped in crimson ribbon, and topped off with a hand-written note card.

Light and Shadow box set includes:

  • (2) 30ft lengths of Relaxed Hemp rope.
  • An autographed copy of Light/Shadow/Color by The Dark Arts.
  • Hand-written notecard of your choice.
A limited supply of these are available, once they're gone they're gone!
Light/Shadow/Color is an art book and not intended to be used for instructional purposes.

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