Twisted Monk Stickers - 2018 Series

10 available

Everyone loves stickers! Where will you put yours?

Each year we release a new set of sticker designs. The 2018 Series of stickers includes:

  • Rope Date I & II (both designs) featuring artwork by Stasia Burrington
  • Rope Slut, everyone's favorite of our distressed designs
  • Abigail, our logo silhouette, re-imagined by Valentine Barker
  • Our timeless logo printed in a brushed-alloy revamp

Sticker-pack contains five 3" stickers, one of each design. Glossy UV coated and 3-5 year weatherproof, our stickers are designed to be durable enough to withstand everything from the playa to your dishwasher. 

Ships free in the USA!

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