Relaxed Hemp (Prototype)

We're doing something a little different this month! In lieu of a custom color for September, we have a prototype rope we're considering adding to our Exotics line! This is your opportunity to be part of The Twisted Monk's beta-testing team and influence a new rope option! 

About the rope: This organic hemp rope features triple-combed fibers and a longer more loose-lay spin, similar to that of a hand-laid rope. This results in a softer rope with a gentler hand and smoother finish. The finely milled base fibers give this rope an on-skin feel falling nicely between that of comfy cotton and typical hemp. Where our standard hemp is like a crisp new pair of selvage denim jeans, Relaxed Hemp is a comfy pair perfectly broken in.

Note: Final strength tests are still being performed. At this time, use of this rope prototype for suspensions is not recommended.

Relaxed Hemp prototype rope is available in extremely limited quantities, being made available at a introductory reduced price from final retail, and will be followed up with a quick feedback survey. 

10% of proceeds from Relaxed Hemp will be donated to Seattle's Alley Cat Project. Alley Cat Project is a 501(c)(3) organization working to reduce the over population of cats in Seattle mainly through altering unowned free roaming cats. Reducing over population is an essential part of ensuring that every cat has a good home.

Sold by the foot. Color Of The Month ropes are not available at the discounted kit prices or as split-color upgrades.

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