Ultimate Wax Play Candle Set

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Designed to fit comfortably in the hand or to snug securely into your rope work, our candles are poured and hand-dipped by Monk himself. Made from low melt-point 100% Paraffin wax and skin-safe pigments they are smooth burning to avoid sootiness or flooding and have an integrated rope loop for endless tie-in possibilities.

Packaged in our signature Black Box presentation, each set includes three candles- one each of Black, Crimson, and Violet.

Our Ultimate Wax Play Candle set makes a great gift!

NOTE: Allow wax coating on wick to burn off prior to use. Trim wicks before each use as needed, 1/8"-1/4" is ideal.

CAUTION: Hot wax can be the cause of an extreme burn if applied improperly. Due to the nature of hot wax, always test each candle on the back of your hand or forearm before using it on your partner. When pouring quantities of pooled wax, allow wax to cool prior to application.

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