Nylon Fiber Rope

After a recent experience of a Twisted Monk Team member where a new tying partner couldn’t use their hemp because of allergies, we were prompted to figure out a hypoallergenic fiber option that would work for a variety of tying intentions, so we bring you hand dyed NYLON. 

The dye witches of Twisted Monk are always on a quest to bring you the best and brightest colors, and the shiny, brilliant white of Nylon is a perfect canvas for them to work their magic. We’re very excited for the infinite color options, so be on a lookout for many more colors to come, fresh from the dye witches’ cauldrons 

In true Twisted Monk fashion, we are bringing you the elevated experience our customers have come to expect from us: our world famous bomb proof whipped ends. Never again will you be scratched or flicked in the eye with a crunchy burnt end. Instead, our Nylon is tipped with delightfully soft poofs below the whipping, fun for sensation play themselves

Nylon is very washable, retaining its strength and brilliant color when washed with cold water and our Rope Soap