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We're on-set this week!

August 17, 2016

We will be closed August 18th & 19th while film the next volumes of our Getting Started DVD series.

The website will remain open for business and you are still more than welcome to make purchases. Orders and email received during this time will be processed when we return on Monday August 22nd

For those in the Seattle area we invite you to join us at the Center For Sex Positive Culture this weekend for three workshops: Bondage For The Male Body, Bondage Bullfighting, & "Damn... I F@%KED up!", presented by Sir Dart and sponsored by The Twisted Monk. Tickets and info at

Now available: POSH Spun Polyester Rope

August 11, 2016

Originally designed for Tall Ship Sailing, with a name standing for "Portside Out, Starboard Home", these spun polyester ropes are designed to blend visually into your hemp rope kits while providing the durability of a synthetic.

The extremely dense yet fine polyester fibers are spun under tension resulting in extremely low elongation, making them a great choice for load-bearing up-lines.

Available now 30ft lengths.

August's Color Of The Month: Tide Pool

August 01, 2016

For much of the country, August is the hottest time of the year. This is the time we turn our thoughts to wading in the shallows to marvel at the hidden world left behind as the tide goes down.

Tide Pool's shimmering tones wash and flow from one to the next in shades of soft sea glass, rich aquamarine, and deep aqueous teal. If you liked last year's High Tide, you're bound to love Tide Pool.

Available now 6mm hemp.

Fire and Brimstone: A Retrospective

July 11, 2016

This past month marked ten years since The Great Fire At The Abbey. Despite this passage of time, the scorch marks are still visible and the memory all too vivid. Ten years ago we watched our art and livelihood burn to the ground.

As we prepare a special commemorative Color Of The Month for July, we revisit Monk's blog post from that fateful day...