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Rope Bondage Beyond the Binary

July 21, 2022

How rope play can be gender-affirming for transgender bodies When we see rope bondage out in the world, it’s typically represented by slim, white cisgender... Read More

Independence Day Weekend Special!

July 01, 2022

We here at the Abbey will be off for the holiday weekend from Friday at 5pm PST until Tuesday the 5th at 8am PST. And... Read More

Your Ableism is Showing

June 09, 2022

Have you noticed just how casual and acceptable ableism is? It is generally tolerated in most spaces, kink spaces are definitely not excluded from this... Read More

Memorial Day Weekend Special!

May 27, 2022

This weekend the Twisted Monk team at the Abbey is taking a short break for the holiday. We are closed from Friday at 5 pm... Read More