Exotic Ropes

UPDATE 7/6/2020

Like the rest of the country, we are slowly and cautiously returning to normal operations. Our focus continues to be on employee safety. Many out of stock items are finally getting to us, while some are still in an unknown state, as our suppliers also restart operations. 

We will continue to offer a limited catalog for the time being as we navigate this next phase of the global pandemic.

Thank you for your patience and support.

As part of our tireless drive to provide our customers with the best bondage rope possible, we are constantly looking for new and exotic types of rope. From time to time we do come across some truly terrific small batches of exotic rope. These limited harvests come from all over the world and are, much like fine wines, all unique and different. Each raw batch is taken through our extensive finishing process, bound with our signature "bomb proof" whipping, and is ready for use.

We will be constantly updating this page as we continue to acquire and test new harvests.

Looking for jute rope? For years we have struggled to find the perfect jute to offer. Traditional jute, being processed using harsh chemicals such as kerosene, doesn't meet our ethics and standards. After much research, Monk proudly recommends MocoJute for our North American customers and BindMe for our European customers, both of whom make impeccable rope. While Monk tends to prefer working with hemp, when he does use jute this is the rope he chooses.