6MM "Chocolate" Wool

11 available

Are you looking for a cozy or coarse new sensation? Do you like your purchases to support the greater good? Do you simply want to try ALL the different types of rope? If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, you’re going to want to take a look at the latest addition to our growing selection of bespoke wool bondage rope, Chocolate wool.

Chocolate wool rope is a rich speckled brown relaxed spin, 3 strand 6MM rope that calls to mind Grandfather's tweed jacket, smelling of hints of pipe tobacco and tales from the great war. 

When your quality and sustainability standards are as high as ours, it can be challenging to find products that meet them. That is why we are over the moon to be working with  a woman-owned company committed to creating renewable, environmentally friendly wool products sourced from British farmers and crafted in the UK.

 This fiber is not intended for suspension bondage

If you would like to sample this brand new, extremely limited fiber, select the “6 Inch Sample" option and we will gladly send you a sample.

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