About Us


Twisted Monk is committed to providing an easy and enjoyable experience for our customers. You are what drives our company. We strive to provide both product and customer service which we ourselves would expect to receive.

To this day, every piece of rope we make passes through Monk's hands during production. Our standard of quality is that if we wouldn't use it in our own bedrooms, we won't sell it. 

All of our rope is ethically sourced and our conditioning and dye processes are ecologically sound and 100% safe for use on all parts of the body.


Twisted Monk is dedicated to safety above all else and take it very seriously. In the event that you have to cut your Twisted Monk rope due to an emergency, we will replace it. 

Should the whipping come undone, we will repair the rope and ship it back to you without charge.


The Twisted Monk was originally founded in 2004 when Monk began experimenting with rope bondage and made a batch of rope for his own use. The response was so positive that he started making more for others, eventually forming a business and processing hemp in his backyard. In the spring of 2005, after outgrowing the capacity of his garage based workshop, Monk moved the operation into its current home. "The Abbey" is the workshop where Monk and his team of dedicated artisans cut and finish every order by hand.