How-To Videos

The Twisted Monk is dedicated to providing welcoming, friendly, and practical information and educational material. Our Getting Started videos cover a variety of basic ties to provide you with a myriad of possibilities. We are proud to provide not only great rope but also engaging, clear, and easy to follow instructions. 

Our Getting Started DVDs include a few additional videos not listed here, and make a great quick-reference to supplement instructional books or workshops.

As our gift to you, a free set of our Getting Started DVDs is included with nearly every rope kit we offer.

Not sure what width or length rope is right for you? This should help you determine the differences between the various hemp rope sizes. We offer 4mm, 6mm and 8mm rope in various lengths across eight fantastic colors.

Simple rope handling techniques to help keep your rope kit neat and tidy.

Basic One Column Tie for creating rope cuffs and more.

The Two Column Tie may be the most versatile tie around. For more information on the ties used in this video, check out these books. If you are new to bondage, try one of our great starting out kits:

The Single Limb Cuff in this video was done in a single 10 foot piece of 8mm.

The Basic Chest Harness supports the chest and creates an ideal anchor point.

Adapting chest harnesses and box ties for injury or flexibility challenges.

A great chest harness for those looking to accentuate broad chests and shoulders, or downplay breasts. Demonstrated here using a 40ft length of 6mm rope.

This simple yet effective Basic Hair Bondage technique uses 4mm hemp rope and pairs perfectly with our world-renowned steel hooks.

An easy and effective hogtie achieved by combining a chest harness, one column, and two column ties.

Adapting hog ties for larger, broader, or less flexible folks is made easy by tying in a modular fashion.

Rope allows for restraint in ways that cuffs can't, like this easy Chest-to-Leg technique. Chest-to-leg "shrimp" ties and hog-ties are easily done with any of our intermediate kits:

Body Harnesses (sometimes called a Karada or Tortoise Shell tie) create convenient securing points for other ties and are also handy for wearing rope under everyday clothing. Demonstrated here using a 50ft length of 6mm rope.

This versatile body harness can be tied on any body with simple modifications. Tied here using 50ft of 6mm rope (tied using 4mm this makes great stealth-bondage under clothing).

The versatility of rope makes it easy to create a custom-fit strap-on harness on the hips, or anywhere else on the body.

The "Pentagram" or "Star Harness" has long been one the most requested decorative harness tutorials. Tied here using a 40ft length of 6mm rope

The "Dragonfly" is a wonderfully simple, yet decorative arm- or leg-binder and is endlessly adjustable for every body.

The fun doesn't have to stop just because it's time for the ropes to come off!

Interested in more information? Check out our selection of books or our many other products.