The MonkSak: Fill it, Fold it, Go!


The MonkSak will revolutionize your rope bag. More than a bag, the MonkSak is designed to compliment your rope and be as invaluable a tool as anything you may put inside.


When opened, the MonkSak creates a clean, familiar workspace for both your rope and your partner. This lay-flat design also means that gone are the days digging around the bottom of a dark gear bag trying to find the one special item. It also means that when you need to vacate your playspace- be it to free-up floorspace for a friend, for aftercare, or just for easy clean-up, all you need to do is pile your rope and toys in the middle and...


The MonkSak folds up similarly to old European mountaineering bags or, as Monk likes to say, like a burrito. Whether your gear is neatly stacked and tucked away into the integrated pockets, our modular accessory pockets, or just piled up- your MonkSak adjusts to fit any kit.


The MonkSak folds up into a messenger-style bag with both a handle for in-hand carrying and a cross-body shoulder strap. With it's sleek logo-free exterior, The MonkSak can be carried in any environment.

Grab yourself a MonkSak!

How to pack your MonkSak

Packing your MonkSak is easy. Each bag has a "sweet spot" of where to place the bulk of your gear. On the MonkSak Original it is directly on the uppermost set of internal pockets. On the MonkSak Lite the sweet spot is in the middle on the internal pocket.

We recommend placing heavier, bulkier, or more rigid items closer to the top of the bag (nearest the handle). This makes it a little easier to fold your MonkSak into a nice, smooth, messenger-style bag.

Once filled, fold the sides of the bag together and fasten the buckles. On the MonkSak Original this is the full length of the bag. On the MonkSak Lite this is more widely-spaced set of three straps.

You can now close your bag. As the MonkSak Original creates the full-size dropcloth, you will want to fol the bottom section up first, dividing that length roughly into thirds. Then for either back just cinch down your buckles, and you're ready to go!

Still not quite sure? Here's a step-by-step video on how to pack your MonkSak.

 Washing your MonkSak

The MonkSak is fully machine washable and should be treated the same as a pair of canvas work pants or jeans. If possible, use a top-loading machine. If using a front-load machine you may wish to place your MonkSak into a pillowcase to reduce movement of the D-rings. Wash with cold water and your normal laundry detergent.

To dry, hang your MonkSak or lay flat on a laundry/sweater rack. We do not recommend putting your MonkSak in the dryer as the material will shrink. 

Wash your accessory pouches separately, to prevent the Velcro snagging on your MonkSak. They can be washed and dried in the same manner as your MonkSak.

The MonkSak: Fill it, Fold it, Go!