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"I thought I knew what good rope was in the past. Now I have learned that in all of my experience, I didn't understand what good rope was until I laid on hands your ropes.
Thank you so much."

 — A, Seattle [More Than Curious Kit]

"I've owned your classic Original Ass Hook and J Hook for years and featured them often. I was actually not aware of the additional variations, like the Z-Hook and the range of ball sizes until recently. The workmanship on the two ball-end hooks I just received is the finest and best finished stainless steel work I have seen in a long time! Well done!"
 — John Donegan, full time professional erotic photographer- Hustler's TABOO Magazine [Original Ass Hook & Z-Hook]

“I've been wanting to try some decorative rope tying for a while, I've always been interested in the intricacies and art that's involved with it. My issue/insecurity is the amount of rope that comes in many rope kits won't be enough for someone who is plus size like myself. 

I paired up with someone who is a little more experienced with shibari, and they were excited for the opportunity to get their hands on some Twisted Monk! After a few tries, we got a basic chest harness, basic body harness, and a single-column tie. These were great and fun, but the best part was we still had extra rope! I wanted to get a little more adventurous, so I asked my partner to do a pentagram harness. The results were breathtaking and beautifully intricate. 

I have not one negative thing to say about Twisted Monks Robust Kit. I had no rope burns, and it wasn't uncomfortable. Great for beginners and advanced users alike! I just wish I could wear it every day.”

 — Anonymous, Los Angeles [8mm Robust Kit]

"I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with my MonkSak. The construction quality is absolutely astounding. Because of how good it looks and how versatile it is, it has worked its way into my life as more than a rope bag; it's even managed to replace my backpack for certain types of outings! It was absolutely worth the money.

The rope I ordered is also fantastic, as were previous orders from The Twisted Monk. The quality, texture, coloration, and colorfastness is superb. I wish I had found your The Twisted Monk sooner, because I spent a lot of money on inferior products in the past. I'm looking forward to future purchases!"
 — Joe, Arizona [MonkSak Original]

"All to often people only like to leave reviews for something bad so I just wanted to take a few seconds to say a couple good words about your customer service.

I had purchased a cotton rope kit as a gift for my Girlfriend and after a couple of days I realized it wasn't going to get here in time for a special event. I called your customer service number and spoke with your General Manager. I explained it was a gift and inquired as to when it would ship. They promptly looked it up and said it would be no problem to be able to get it out that day. True to your word the rope shipped out that day and arrived in time before my Girlfriend had to leave town. 

You guys are a shinning example of a top notch company with excellent customer service. I wont hesitate to shop with you again in the future."

— Nick, Michigan [More Than Curious Cotton Kit]

"My wife and I deeply appreciate what you are doing. We have ordered a few times from this site and we could not be happier. We believe the rope quality to be top notch. Thank you so very much for such a high quality product. You will always have a customer right here."
— Tom, Ohio [Color Of The Month]


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