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Spring Hemp Restock

March 18, 2024

Supply chain issues are so 2022, but here we are... waiting for fresh hemp from our manufacturing supplier in Europe. The good news is fresh... Read More

How to Have Better Kink Scenes: ADHD in BDSM

January 24, 2024

If you or your partner have ADHD, you have likely experienced a chaotic element to your connection and intimacy. Let’s talk about embracing the creative... Read More

Exotic Bamboo Rope Review by Pete Riggs of

January 17, 2024

Pete Riggs of recently did a very through and in depth review of our exotic bamboo ropes, including washing! Check it out, along with tons of other great rope content and tutorials!


Monksak 3.0 Review by Shay Tiziano

January 17, 2024

Instructor, performer and author Shay Tiziano shares their thoughts on the new Monksak 3.0