MonkSak 3.0

  Originally introduced in 2015, the MonkSak has revolutionized what it means to be a rope bag.  More than just an object to hold your rope, the MonkSak opens up to to create a clean, easily portable work/play surface.  After 8 years and thousands of satisfied Monksak users world wide, we took up the challenge of improving this groundbreaking idea.

Three years in the making, this updated MonkSak 3.0 will delight users and defy expectations. Working with real world MonkSak users, the Twisted Monk design team set about on the ambitious task. We are now proudly ready to introduce our new, fully redesigned with one thing in mind, your rope experience, we give you.....


  • Packed up: 20" x 12" x 6"
  • Fully open: 42" x 40"

Carry Capacity

  • Approximately 350 ft of rope or...
  • (1) Monk's Kit
  • (3) More Than Curious Kits

Updates include:

  • Internal pockets for better organization and storage.
  • Lighter overall weight
  • Aluminum snap buckles replace the old D-rings for quick access to your rope and reduced weight.
  • Additional D-rings for future gear expansions
  • Compatible with the MonkSak Pak for a fully integrated storage space
  • Innovative Velcro wings for faster bag loading and a better carrying structure
  • Easier to wash

Classic elements that have remained include:

  • Made from super durable 10 oz cotton duck
  • re-enforced stitching and heavy duty straps
  • Revolutionary fold out design that turns your rope bag into a working surface large enough to provide a clean play space for your bottom as well as your rope.
  • Designed to the "If Monk can't break it, nobody can" standards
  • Locally made with pride in Seattle, Washington


Don't just take our word for it, check it out in action!

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