Suspension Bar

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 Originally created in 2006, this suspension bar was designed in collaboration with real world rope users like the legendary Chanta Rose (author of Bondage for Sex), and our long time steel artisan. Throughout its history, the Suspension Bar has undergone multiple design upgrades as a result of feedback from professional riggers and advanced users. The version offered here has been popularized by the Burning Man Group, Suspended Animation, and was the tool of choice for many, many burns.

We were able to secure a limited quantity from the original maker and can now offer them to you!

The Suspension Bar's versatile design allows for a wide range of static and dynamic suspension ties - always get proper education on suspension before trying. Whether you are looking to expand your photography options, dynamic bondage range or suspension bondage for sex, this bar was built for you!

Made by the same artisan as our famous stainless steel rings, to exacting standards like all our steel products, providing a lifetime of unsurpassed quality, these Suspension Bars are sure to open up your bondage options.

  • Measuring 32" long and 7" across the widest point.
  • Each bar is hand-built from 304 stainless steel, solid welded, and brushed to a satin finish.
  • Terminal rings and central attach points are solid rod while the bar itself is 2" hollow tube to reduce carrying weight.
  • Each attachment point is proof-tested to 1200lbs.

NOTE: Due to the size of this item, gift-wrapping is not available. Suspension Bar ships separately from other items.

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