The Original Suspension Ring

The most trusted ring in the business! The original suspension ring, hand crafted and individually tested by the maker. Other sites will try and pass off cheap imitations, prettied up fishing gear and even re-purposed playground equipment. Accept no substitutes. 

In his own words:

"I start with 304 grade 9/16" diameter stainless rod, cold form it around a mandrel to form a coil, cut apart the rings, and weld them back together to create solid rings. After the rings have been buffed and polished each ring is "proof tested" to 1200# to assure integrity, then signed by me, Wm C. Thus is produced the most widely used and trusted ring in the industry."

Also available in aircraft aluminum- identical in look and shape but one-third the weight of the stainless steel version. Both steel and aluminum rings are 6.75" internal diameter and 7.25" external diameter.

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