Curious Merman Kit

5 available

Whether you’re just dipping your toes in or you’re already comfortable in the depths of rope bondage, this kit is a great choice for all mischievous merfolk. 

The Curious Merman kit combines our classic hemp Curiosity Kit, enough rope to hold up a seashell bra and tie a tail down, with the sensation of our Curiosity Candle’s splashing, dripping heat 

Kit includes:

-One 30’ and two 15’ pieces of 6mm Seaside Hemp

-Hand tie dyed drawstring bag to match

-New hand poured Curiosity Candle in a blue ombre

-Safety Shears

-Mischievous Merman Sticker

All rope is ethically sourced, fully conditioned and ready to use. Ends are whipped in black with our trademark bomb-proof whipping. Our hemp is processed with vegan, allergen free oils.

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