Lab Experiments, Holiday Series, and More

January 04, 2024

Over the holiday season we've acquired a number of new subscribers and followers. Welcome, and thank you for your support!  With this in mind, we wanted to explain how some things work around here.
Our rope artisans make or finish all of our rope by hand. To ensure our rope meets our high quality standards, please expect orders to take up to 15 days to process through production. This includes our Seasonal Limited Edition ropes like Luscious.
Now the fun stuff: let's talk about the different categories of product.
Lab Experiments
Lab Experiments are what they sound like: products that are all about experimenting with new colors and combos. For the most part, our Lab Experiments are produced using B-grade hemp stock which is unwhipped. B-grade is rope that falls short of our high standards for usual production. All Lab Experiments are offered in 30 foot lengths only.
Holiday Series
Holiday Series can be anything from individual pieces of hemp or bamboo to full blown kits with special pins, shears, or other accessories. These products are all limited edition and typically themed around the latest season or holiday.
Seasonal Hemp
Seasonal Hemp is our ongoing line of hemp themed for the latest season - Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall. These ropes come in a variety of sizes similar to our standard production colors and 6mm diameter.
With each of these products, we are offering a limited quantity while supplies last. So, if you see something you like don't hesitate to add them to your collection.
Keep an eye out for whats coming this month!