The Factory 2nd offering of our Bavarian Blonde

March 17, 2023

We realized recently most of our newest customers may not be familiar with a very unique and exclusive product we have offered in the past.

First, a little history about the Bavarian Blonde 4 -strand hemp. This product was a staple offering from us for years. With the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic we started experiencing issues with importing the raw material. Then, with global supply chains being further impacted, it became even harder to source this already rare material. Finally just about the time things started to look manageable, conflict in eastern Europe has made acquiring the Bavarian Blonde 4-Strand hemp impossible. 

Because of the extremely high quality of the raw stock and our subsequent treatments quality control on the Bavarian Blonde is exacting. Like all of our products, we want to make sure you are getting the best value and highest quality. The Bavarian Blonde was a product for which we accept no variation and the minimum of blemish. This meant we would occasionally have some rope that would not pass inspection. So, when we discovered some time back that a batch of the “single malt scotch” of bondage rope had a looser lay in one of the strands, we set it aside.

We never intended to release this rope to the public. However, the realization that many could be unaware of its existence has prompted us to share it with you now.

So, why Bavarian Blonde?

Some technical considerations:

  • In its raw, unprocessed form, these ropes are subjected to rigorous testing and load bearing quality control by the German government.
  • A left-handed or Z-twist in the lay of the rope.
  • 4-strands instead of 3-strands like our other hemp ropes.
  • Little rope-on-rope friction but retains knot-holding properties of hemp.

Aesthetic values:

  • A tight, smooth lay bordering on perfection.
  • A golden-blonde color.
  • Smooth almost buttery texture.
  • The faint smell of freshly cut straw.


On the left: our standard hemp rope. On the right: the Bavarian Blonde.

Standard Hemp on top. Bavarian Blonde on bottom.

We hope to someday be able to bring this high end, luxury rope back in the future. Until then, we can only offer what’s left of our Twisted Monk-Exclusive Bavarian Blonde 4-strand Hemp.