Rope Kits

Note: Orders for 6mm hemp ropes are temporarily being filled with counter-clockwise "Z-twist" rather than our usual clockwise "S-twist". This change does not impact the color, function, performance, or safety but does mean it will not visually match the spin of our previous product. All other ropes, including 4mm and 8mm hemp ropes, are unaffected.

Our rope kits are curated to fit every level of experience. These kits are a great way to get started and provide a center for you to build your collection around, at a great price. All kits are hemp rope unless otherwise listed.

All rope is ethically sourced, fully conditioned and ready to use. We cut each rope to order, and hand finish them with our trademark bomb-proof whipping in black. Our world-renowned hemp is processed with vegan, allergen free oils. Cotton and P.O.S.H. ropes are not (and do not require to be) oiled.